Art of Chest Hair

Art of Chest Hair

Art of Shaving 1persuade-meter-2sf


Art of Shaving sculpts a simple, arresting puzzle, sure to stop readers for a moment and engage them.

“What is this?”  With a little effort readers pick up on the clues and realize they are looking at a man’s chest.  The chest hair has been artfully sculpted into the shape of a neatly trimmed beard.

The solution to the puzzle draws out the inference that the advertiser intended—Art of Shaving’s grooming devices have a remarkable ability to create any look you want anywhere on your body.

The ad compliments readers by assuming readers will understand the message and will appreciate the spare stylishness of the image.

The ad gets readers attention, involves them, leads them to the desired inference, and compliments them.  That’s the way advertising should work.

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