Apple Watch: nerd badge or practical, productive, and cool?

Apple Watch: nerd badge or practical, productive, and cool?


This ad and the whole set of ads for the Apple Watch are unlike other Apple advertising.

With other products, Apple competes in a known category. Apple wants people to buy an iPhone instead of another smart phone, an iPad instead of another tablet, a MacBook instead of another laptop. People have a good idea what a smart phone does, what a tablet does, and what a laptop does. The ads for iPhone, IPad, and MacBook are fun, stylish, and cool suggesting that the Apple products do the job with a little more panache than other brands and that people who use the Apple products are a little cooler than people who use other brands.

The Apple Watch is in a category all its own. People don’t understand what an Apple Watch can do and find it hard to imagine that it can do much that couldn’t be done as well or better with a smart phone. So even people who might want an Apple Watch, fear that it could be a nerd badge worn by people who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to put the latest, and rather unattractive, tech gadget on their wrist even though the gadget has little to offer.

Apple still has to communicate that people who wear an Apple Watch are young, fun, and stylish but Apple also has to communicate that those same people are practical and productive. Apple needs to tell prospective customers and anyone who might see an Apple Watch wearer that an Apple Watch can indeed do some things differently and better than a smart phone and that it can do some things that a smart phone can’t.

This ad and the others in the set show viewers glimpses of the Apple Watch in action letting viewers infer the range of capabilities. The ads are beautifully shot. The characters are both young and cool as well as practical and productive. So the ads do what they needed to do. But the ads don’t do the job with the fun and style of other Apple advertising. Though beautiful, these ads are mundane, making Apple seem a more ordinary technology company. It may sell Apple Watches but a more imaginative ad would sell Apple Watches and sell the Apple brand.

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