An Unexpected Spokesperson For Hefty Ultimate Cups

An Unexpected Spokesperson For Hefty Ultimate Cups


A persuasive ad talks about how people would like to feel and shows them that taking the recommended action will help them feel that way. People who are about to buy party cups want to feel they are ready for a great party. The “crack resistant” nature of these Hefty Ultimate Cups supports the feeling. But “crack resistant” is merely the means. What the prospective customer wants is the feeling.

This ad shows prospective customers that buying Hefty Ultimate Cups will help them feel like they are ready for a great party.

An ad can communicate ‘ready for a great party’ in many ways. Hefty has chosen a technique to communicate the feeling that is arresting and unexpected but the it is needlessly narrow. Hefty says, ‘ready for a great party’ through a monologue spoken by what appears to be a conventional, middle-aged woman whose words and tone are the words and tone of a stereotypical young adult.

The contrast between the conventional, middle-aged appearance of the woman and how she speaks, gets attention. But does that creative device add anything? Bill Bernbach, the advertising giant and father of the creative revolution in advertising, said, “You are NOT right if in your ad you stand a man on his head JUST to get attention. You ARE right if you have him on his head to show how your product keeps things from falling out of his pockets.”

Everybody can feel ready for a great party.  This ad will leave viewers scratching their head wondering why Hefty seems to think age is important and trying to make sense of the words.

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