Alert Man, Super Hero

Alert Man, Super Hero


Who doesn’t want to feel like a superhero? Good advertising talks about how people want to feel and shows them how to feel that way.   Audience interest is captured and held by hyperbole complete an with office in the clouds, and ridiculous superhero costumes.

Apparently anyone, even the nerdish protagonist, can feel like a super hero, refreshed and recharged, after a night on a Beautyrest mattress. The interview for the position of superhero by the disdainful Seagull Man shows the audience Beautyrest’s likeable sense of humor.

Every ad implicitly promises the audience that it is worthy of their attention. If the ad isn’t worthy of their attention, the audience is disappointed with the advertiser. This ad satisfies that implicit promise and holds the audience’s attention throughout.

When someone needs a mattress, how often does the name Beautyrest pop into the mental space already crowded by Sealy, Serta, and Tempur-Pedic? The distinctiveness and fun of this ad will make more room for Beautyrest.

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