Ad Equates Smoking with Turning Our Kids to Ash

Ad Equates Smoking with Turning Our Kids to Ash

Anti-smoking adpersuade-meter-2sf

Striking visual metaphor.  Suggests that lighting a cigarette incinerates your young child’s future.

The metaphor is so strong, the ad might have been even more powerful if the it had eliminated the text at the top.  Ads, like conversations, are best when everything receivers can provide on their own is left out.   In this case, fewer words would make deciphering the clever arrangement of signs even more pleasurable.

What’s left out leads the reader to complete the thought.  What’s left out leads to inference.  If an ad tells readers their smoking will harm their children, they will question the credibility of the source.  If readers infer the conclusion, the source is unimpeachable.  In inference, the audience tells themselves what they might not believe from an ad.

The simple image of the child serving as the cigarette about to be smoked is so powerful and provocative it overshadows the copy.

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