A1 Plays the Field

A1 Plays the Field


A1 has decided that steak is too limiting. A1 wants to encourage viewers to put A1 Sauce on anything other than dessert.

This memorable Internet ad breaks the news by taking us on A1’s Facebook journey as it ends its monogamous relationship with steak and decides to play the field.

It’s a cute, charming, creative, and contemporary ad.

For the viewer, the message equates to a sample of the product. When viewers see a cute ad from A1, they infer that A1 is cute. But A1 shouldn’t be cute. People use A1 to give things a little zip, to make the less exciting more exciting. Why not enhance the essential A1 reward by making a more exciting and spicy announcement that A1 is playing the field? A relationship with A1 should add some pizzazz to your life.

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