A Step in the Right Direction

A Step in the Right Direction


The pressure of athletic competition continually builds in this spot until viewers are told that every dream, every season starts at Dick’s.

Reminding viewers of Dick’s and associating Dick’s with competitive athletics does move the ball forward a bit.

But the spot should talk about what people want and show them how to get it.  People want not just the pressure and tension of athletic competition.  They want the elation of athletic success.  Sure, make the moment of success more pleasurable by building the pressure and tension, but why stop at the pressure and tension?

Dick’s apparently feels that viewers will complete the thought and that all Dick’s needs to do is to take the viewer to almost the moment of success.  But viewers respond to connection and the connection here is between Dick’s and athletic pressure.  If people have a choice between a sporting goods store associated with the pressure moments of athletics and another associated with the elation of athletic success, it’s an easy choice.

The words-on-screen at the end of the spot, reveal that Dick’s realized it hadn’t quite gotten its message across with the visuals.  Dick’s felt the need to spell out the thought with words.

Progress but short of the goal line.

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