A Message from Jiffy Lube that Viewers Will Tune Out

A Message from Jiffy Lube that Viewers Will Tune Out


This is a straightforward message to potential customers.  It explicitly says that Jiffy Lube offers expertise and convenience so you can leave worry behind.

This ad is an illustrated lecture but not persuasive advertising.  It is reminiscent of a time when ads were placed in popular network shows with the assumption that the audience would get the message whether they wanted to or not.   Even in the time of Bonanza or Milton Berle that probably wasn’t true.  Today, with scores of channels, a myriad of other entertainment options, countless naturally occurring distractions, and the ever-present remote, viewers will ignore an ad that doesn’t draw attention to itself.

An ad is part of a conversation with prospective customers and the first rule of good conversation is to have something interesting to say.  The advertiser makes an implicit promise to viewers that they will want to receive the message.   When an advertiser sends a message that does not merit viewers’ attention, viewers are disappointed and quickly tune out.  This is a message viewers will tune out.

What is literally said in an ad is less important than how it is said.  Viewers learn, for example, what the brand thinks of them from how the brand speaks to them.  Viewers learn that Jiffy Lube thinks its potential customers are rather uninteresting people who are just going to sit through the Jiffy Lube lecture over and over again.

The combination of expertise and convenience are, no doubt, Jiffy Lube’s advantage.  A more interesting ad could have made the association more effectively.

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